NBA Lagos Branch Adopts the 2003 Branch Bye-laws for Elections

The Nigerian Bar Association (Lagos Branch) at its Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held yesterday 23rd May 2017, decided by majority vote as follows:

1. That the 2017 NBA Lagos Branch elections will be conducted under the Branch Bye-laws of 2003.

2. That the time within which to release the 2017 Branch Election Register/ Guidelines be abridged from the 30 days prescribed by the Bye-laws to enable elections hold in June 2017.

Commenting on the outcome of the meeting, a member of the Branch Mr. Philips Njetene has this to say:

“…The decision to avoid the pitfalls of using the 2015 Uniform Bye Law in view of the subsisting judgement and pending appeal was not without a spirited effort by the NBA General Secretary Olagunju to sway the tide towards the 2015 Uniform Bye Law despite confirming to the house that the NBA 2015 constitution has NOT been registered with CAC.

It was an overwhelming majority decision by members of the branch at the EGM despite the powerful presence of NBA national.

It will be recalled that the content of the Uniform Bye Law was mostly lifted from the NBA Lagos Branch 2003 Bye Law though with a good number of its provisions watered down in the Uniform Bye Law.

For instance, to be a Chairman or Vice Chairman in the NBA Lagos Branch 2003 Bye Law you must have 15 years post call while the Uniform Bye Law provides for 10 years.

The next few days will tell how NBA national and other branches will react to this bold statement by NBA Lagos Branch, again, it is not out of place and Lagos leads the way in most things.

It will be recalled the NBA Lagos Branch had challenged NBA national on the constitution of Annual General Conference Committee and appointment of members to statutory bodies without the approval of NEC.

These are indeed trying times for NBA, our professional body. It is however interesting to note that were it another body going through what  NBA is going through now we would have dissected the issue severally and demanded heavens should fall, but in our own house, we sit it out.”

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